Internet dating conmen

14-Apr-2016 13:03

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When she was subsequently contacted by someone purporting to be from the FBI, yet making threats against her, she realised she had probably happened upon a connected scam to frighten victims away from making complaints.‘I was then too scared to take it any further,’ she admits. Unlike Ann and Linda, Beatrice Jenkins, 46, a retail administrator, not only met her online suitor, Thomas Carpenter, she bought a house with him at his behest, a move which left her with debts of £90,000 when he was exposed 18 months later.

Her father, a retired engineer, implored her not to sell her property — but to rent it out.

He was not Mackenzie Dalton, he was an African man who’d stolen someone else’s identity and photos. And I want to speak out in the hope that it will save other vulnerable women from falling victim.’‘An awful lot of work is being done to improve safety for users and also to identify and remove scammers,’ says chairman Duncan Cunningham.

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Look for any inconsistencies between the photo and the person’s self-description.

But it’s gone, never to be retrieved, in the hands of a professional criminal — or perhaps even a gang — fuelling one of the UK’s fastest growing, yet largely unreported, crimes, known as Romance Fraud.

And it is this shame, according to Action Fraud, the UK’s national fraud and cyber crime reporting centre, that is fuelling the crimewave.

• The wealthy doctor who has finally found someone who understands him.

These scams are successful because the perpetrators are great at crafting believable situations that lower your guard.

Her credit rating plummeted and she even had a job offer from a bank retracted as a result.

While there’s nothing wrong with being happily single or casually dating, this is the place for people who have realised that they’re looking for something more serious.… continue reading »

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