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27-Jul-2016 13:04

Interviewed on television after their victory, one of the Af D leaders referred to immigrants – he meant Muslims, of course – as “strange people with strange values from strange countries”.

And I remembered that old Chamberlain quotation again, speaking of Czechoslovakia as “a faraway country of which we know nothing”.

A J P Taylor described Hitler as an “opportunist” at Munich.

Ian Kershaw says that Hitler felt cheated – he wanted war.

The films show Hitler sitting at his own desk in front of the marble fireplace, gobbling up the Sudetenland – he would consume all of Czechoslovakia the following year.

My friend is elderly, a Sudeten German among the minority Germans living in Czechoslovakia, who was forced to flee his own home as a child at the end of the war. “Here they started the Second World War – and signed away my own home.” He still travels to his home town of what was Carlsbad – today Karlovy Vary – and he pays someone to look after the family graves.

It’s actually a rather droll room – dark, heavy panelling, dull, tall windows, a 1930s monster building – the doors and windows far taller than a man or woman. I can think of a few other modern day fuehrers who might feel at home here The lady came down the corridor with a big smile and gave us the key to Hitler’s room.

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The agreement was signed in the early hours of the morning on 30 September 1938.

Yes, he stood here – but the eagle over the balcony in the photographs has long gone.

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